Boiled Egg Curry (Onion Tamarind Gravy)…….


  1. 650 gms of onions
  2. 1 Tsp of Turmeric Powder
  3. 3 Spoons of Red Chilli powder
  4. 3 Spoons of coconut powder
  5. 4 Red Chilli
  6. 1 Spoon of Ginger Garlic paste
  7. 1 Spoon of Coriander powder
  8. 1/2 Tsp of Cumin seeds and Mustard seeds
  9. Sufficient coriander and curry leaves
  10. 1/2 Cup of Oil
  11. Sufficient salt
  12. 1 Spoon of fenugreek and cumin powder
  13. 6 Boiled Eggs
  14. 1 Cup of Tamarind juice


  • Heat the pan, add very little oil and fry the eggs

  • Add half cup of oil, cumin ‘n’ mustard seeds, red chilli, and curry leaves for tempering.

  • Add onions saute them nicely, once done add coconut powder, allowing for 3 to 4 minutes in low flame.

  • Meanwhile squeeze the soaked tamarind as shown below and just try to separate the juice.

  • Now add turmeric powder, ginger garlic paste, fenugreek n cumin seeds powder and coriander powder, then allowing for two more minutes in medium flame.

  • Add red chili powder and sufficient salt, mix them nicely.

  • Once done add some water, then allowing it for two more minutes to form onion gravy.

  • Now add tamarind water, mix it nicely, allow for two minutes.

  • Drop sliced boiled eggs in gravy and allow for two minutes.


  • After completion of two minutes add coriander leaves, that’s it hot and delicious boiled egg curry is absolutely ready to serve.


Boiled Egg Curry (Onion Tamarind Gravy)……. Video

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