Pudina Lemon Juice – @Rushisbiz.com


  1. One Lemon
  2. Two spoons of sugar
  3. One Pinch of Cumin Powder
  4. Half Cup of Pudina Leaves
  5. One Pinch of salt


  • Rub the lemon on smooth floor, cut them into two pieces and just remove the seeds

  • Squeeze the lemon nicely

  • Add pudina, pinch of salt and two spoons of sugar in crusher. Just crush it nicely to form nice mixture.

  • Add mixture and pinch of cumin powder in lemon juice, mix them nicely.

  • Now finally add two or three spoons of this mixture in glass, then add water or soda that’s it Pudina lemon juice is ready

  • Have this juice specially in Summer which is good for dehydration.


Pudina Lemon Juice – Video


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